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Cudham Craic - 2009 - 2011
LIVE @ The Blacksmith's Arms Garden

2010 was Cudham's second ever festival of music run by KentBand.com and The Blacksmith's Arms, Cudham. - bringing music to the village, for the village and the surrounding areas. It was the first year we had a purpose-built outside stage, Courtesy of Kentish Pyramids (Thanks Jim and the team!).
2011 was bigger and better, with a HUGE 20ft x 20ft stage, courtesy of Cudham Construction and a great team of locals (thanks Michael Galley and the team!) and over 700 visitors throughout the day.

Thanks to all who came to support the 'Craic. Over the 3 years we have now donated over £4000 to worthy local charities including; Bromley Mind, Kent Air Ambulance, and Cudham Community Centre Trust. We wouldn't have been able to do it without YOUR support, and certainly not while having so much fun! So hope to see you next year.


Cudham Craic is very grateful to all our lovely performers who give up their time for next to nothing! Some really talented people throughout the day and a great mix of music - something for abolutely everyone!

FireFly! - The Band.
FireFly!'s mission is to break the clichés surrounding function bands, delivering a relentless entertainment feast of non-stop live music; an eclectic journey from smooth soul and Motown to funkadelic disco, from classic rock to contemporary pop. All delivered with unremitting style and genuine enthusiasm. We love to play.
The Swamp City Shakers The Swamp City Shakers
rock and blues with a double measure of southern!
Thigh slappin' 5 piece rock, southern rock and blues outfit, playing classic covers from lynyrd skynyrd, the allman brothers, 9 below zero, booker t and many more.
Screamin' hammond organ, honky tonk piano, chugging harmonica and finger pickin' geetar give us a truely authentic sound.
Swamp City Shakers LIVE on YouTube
Six guys and a girl with a passion for all things swing!
Pure musical entertainment from jazz to swing; Darin to Sinatra, Buble to Martin - to get your toes tapping and your hands clapping!
The band consists of Adam on Vocals, Georg on Keys, Phil on Sax, Izzy on Trumpet, Pete on Double Bass, Matt on Drums and Kate on Clarinet. Contact us now for more details!
Seven2Swing on Facebook
Bobby Treacle's Cartel
Joyful Spooky Folk
Bobby Treacle combines a harrowing and emotive atmosphere with the romanticism of wide open prairie pop.
Bobby Treacle's Cartel   
The London Concert Chorus The London Concert Chorus
Fresh from the Royal Albert Hall
A handpicked chorus who perform in Raymond Gubbay's Christmas Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall conducted by Jonathan Cohen with support from West End Star Sophie Louise Dann and the 30-piece London Concert Orchestra. They have gathered especially for this year's Festival to sing us a combination of musicals numbers (new and older) along with some choral arrangements of current pop tunes!
Fox Force 5 - Band Fox Force 5
A lively covers band with a rocky edge…
Fox Force 5 bring together a blend of excellent musicianship, fun and entertainment. Formed from experienced musicians with a chemistry of presence rarely seen... Fox Force 5 love it live and lively – and it shows! Their audiences enjoy themselves because the band enjoy themselves!
Fox Force 5 - logo
The Bash Street Band The Bash Street Band
Blues, rock, and soul band playing popular artists from the last century. And some from this century too...
A band not to be missed as they know how to play the large crowd with their rock and roll tunes!!!!
The Ultimate blondie Tribute Band
Whether it’s the pure pop of Sunday Girl, the reggae-influenced ‘The Tide is High’, the disco-beat of Heart of Glass or one of the bands early punk tunes like X-Offender, Blondee are authentic, dynamic and lots of fun.
TUFF the band TUFF the band
Good time 60s, 70s & 80s pop/rock covers
Formed as a fun rock n roll covers band in the late 80s, TUFF progressed to become a well respected originals outfit with much record company interest by the early 90s. Been there and done that, and after a four-year split, TUFF returned to their roots in 2004 and have been wowing audiences with their unique take on classic covers ever since.
2pm - Lunchtime Swing
with Georg Tormann!

Easing you in gently with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and all your rat-pack favourites!
Is it lunch in Cudham, or is it a Las Vegas dinner-club of the early 1960s?!! (don't be late) :-)
  Click to see Georg Tormann's website; www.MusicToWatchGirlsBy.co.uk   
Tin Soldiers   Tin Soldiers
Cudham Craic is pleased bring you this new band;
"Tin Soldiers impress massively with Telling Tales, easily the best release this reviewer has heard in quite some time. Tin Soldiers' song writing is impressive to say the least, delivering hook lines and rocking moments right across the whole CD. If you don't go away from hearing this CD without having at least one tune burnt into your memory, you probably had the mute switch on. Watch out for this band!" Power Play June 2010
Need we say more? - You'll love them!
Shake 'N' Baker
Kristian Baker's reformed 4 piece band
Kristian - Vox. Justin - Guitar. Darren - Bass. Neil - Drums
  Shake 'n' Baker   
Crowns   Crowns
They flirt with Folk and run Rock & Roll ragged.
And there’s a little bit of Cornwall in every note.
They put on a party, these boys.
You’re pretty unlikely to stand still.
Wat's on Ro?
Quirky, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Soul Acoustic duo.
Versatile singers, Rosanna and Scott share a musical background of Pop, Rock, Reggae, Theatre and Stand up comedy, delivering a great range of entertainment. (myspace.com/watsonro)
  Rosanna and Scott Acoustic Duo.   
Amia Cougar   Amia Cougar
A regular on the Iain Lee radio show on Absolute Radio, The self styled relationship guru will coach women how to become a successful cougar and men on techniques to attract the woman of your dreams, not for the faint hearted, she is open honest and very frank.
Chris & Leila   Chris & Leila
An acoustic pop duo singing their own blues-tinged soul for your listening pleasure on this wonderful summer's afternoon.